by Amy Cubbison on October 21st, 2016



I am not sure what happened to the first part of my entry but I have to get use to the new word press………summary……Kids are great. All doing well in school and on time…..I do not need to help anyone with their homework……thank God and heaven above..My big bday is coming so having a big party. Excited.

So boyfriend good………super jealous but working on it. Feeling healthy…..My other brother Peter, whom I use to do marketing for is hiring me again. I am able to work from home now and do marketing for both of my brothers. I may also start working for Chris at flydive.  I am going to get cards made up with a cute name on them. For the future I am seriously considering going to get my mfcc, or lvn…………I miss learning. I watched a lot of biographys and documentaries while I was in bed and that felt good to learn………I also did some vicadin shopping which is not good if you understand. I ordered a bunch of crap and forgot about it.  Thank God no more pain pills. They make me feel weird but I needed them at the time.


. For my bday I did get a little beauty subtle surgery. Except  I did get an infection which freaked the kids out and they did not like that it was elective. Now as I am healing and looking more normal ant not so swollen they forgive me. I am sure when I am ailing in bed , it reminds them of my car accident.


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