Merry Christmas

by Amy Cubbison on December 23rd, 2016

As the holidays are upon us I really am missing and thinking of my dear father. My heart is aching but fortunately I feel his presence and his love. During the holidays my father would always wear plaid pants and red cashmere sweaters. He looked so handsome. My father was a true gentleman. A rare find these days. When we went to Christmas mass or to a holiday party, I would fall asleep on the way home. I remember so clearly my father carrying me up to my room and feeling so safe and protected. My mother dressed me in patent leather shoes and itchy, fancy dresses. I loved, loved Christmas and every ritual we followed. My daughter is now following my foot steps and lecturing on how it all should be done……….On another wonderful note……All of my east coast family will be here for the holidays………….my large, complicated but loving family members…….xo Feeling blessed

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  1. Bella permalink

    Merry Christmas. May you have a wonderful Christmas this year. This Christmas decorate your home with Christmas tree, stars, hanging christmas wreaths . tinsel garlands, strings.

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