A busy but good day

by Amy Cubbison on April 24th, 2017

Mama is tired today……..but I feel very productive. I had a little coffee time with Deanna after I dropped the kids and made them breakfast………then I got my car washed, went to grocery store, hit the post office and other errands for all, worked out, Picked up Jac, and then Kaylee. Came home cleaned the kitchen, did four loads of laundry, took Kaylee to dance, then came back and cleaned kitchen again, made dinner, fed Will, cleaned my room, and the bathroom……….I liked it better when I did not notice things were dirty. ha ha. jk………Now I am going to Netflix it and write in my memoir and feel deserving of it

I am so proud of my new found love ha ha no (semi like) of cleaning, that I want my kids to notice as soon as they enter the door. Unfortunately they do not……I yawn and moan to show them I have worked hard to day only to go undiscovered again……..But boy do they notice when I do not do something!!


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