by Amy Cubbison on October 11th, 2017

I was thinking that I have lapsed in adding posts to this blog and been posting on Facebook.  Then I realized that I have been so diligent at posting all the children’s memories for years up until two years ago.  I need to remember that even though they are older, they still have things I want to share so that they can read their lives until they are adults. I envision them reading them to me, when I am old and gray……

Jac and Kaylee both got their braces off yesterday. They both feel as if it feels weird and looks funny.  They just have to get use to it. I remember the day I did. I was so happy!

Will is working with Neil, and learning the trade. He has some good potential to take overs Neil’s company in the future if he desires.  He has too much down time so I am going to sign him up for on line school……….I want him to get his aa and then possibly Series 7 and he agrees.  He has a sweet girlfriend whom he adores. I worry for him because I know someday he is going to suffer from a broken heart one way or another. Will is a deep, sensitive soul, and life is always harder that way….. Jac is even keeled, and a soccer star. He is enjoying high school and is very popular.  Kaylee is 13 a fashionista, and a neat freak. She dances competitively and practices six days a week.  All of my kids are on time, and somewhat perfectionists…….(except Jac likes to be waited on and is sooooooooo messy)   Well they all like to be waited on and fed constantly. I do not mind that part. They just have to tell me how good it is after they eat. 🙂

Everyone is boggled how my kids are so on time, turn in all assignments, do them on their own, and are very organized. I tell everyone that it is because I was not good at organization, being on time and details (due to my add mind and life’s challenges) that real life hit them hard. They all had to feel the repercutions of not turning in an assignment, and or being late to often………So it has worked out well for all of us………..I enjoy my kids everyday and I miss that they do not want to stay with me and hang with me as much as they did when they were little. I feel a little bit of the empty nest happening already. I signed up for graduate school to get my MAT Masters in therapy. I am super excited about this new chapter in my life. It gives me something to look forward to and I know I am bettering my insides……………One of my goals and dreams. One at at a time. Working towards enlightenment……..x0

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