Missing my Father

by Amy Cubbison on December 21st, 2017

Last night I had one of my complicated dreams where I feel left out again……This time I was stranded at the Del Mar Fairgrounds with tons of books I was carrying. I could not find anyone to hang out with and or help with my books. I did not have a phone and I was wandering around aimlessly trying to find a ride home. I had just returned from Paris and Italy (again) and I had bad jet lag. ( I wish) Finally a friend who remember me, told me she contacted my Dad and he was coming to get me. I was so relieved and waited at the front for my Dad. Sure enough he arrived as he always did. He looked so strong and handsome. I told him I was worried about his driving as he could not see well and lost his license a long time ago. Then I bragged to everyone that my Dad was 95 and how great he looked………I woke up sobbing…….missing my Dad so much and remembering all of the times he was there for me when I was in trouble, and or scared…….It is hard when you lose a family member that loves you like that……Tell your parents how much you love and appreciate them if they are always there for you……

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  1. How ironic, …………last time I posted was last year on my father’s birthday………I better step it up a notch………Even though I am a non profit business….:)

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