Letter to my Dad in heaven, on his 93rd birthday.

by Amy Cubbison on January 18th, 2018
I love and miss you everyday
Thank God you are in my dreams most nights
I feel your spirit all around me
I want so much to make you proud of me
I feel as if you are my angel, and my future will be happy because of you
I love how you
Washed our Yorkie, Midge, with Dove soap and swore it killed all of the fleas
How you would make potatoes on a Sunday Morning and put salt and the potatoes in a brown bag, and shake to evenly distribute the salt
I Ioved your famous chicken made with ketchup and mustard.
I loved when you took me to Costco and let me buy out the store
I loved that the reason you took me to Costco was to get a one dollar hot dog and free refills on coke
I love how you use to walk down the street singing, ” I love Amy!”
I loved how you had a hard time refusing me of anything.
I loved how when I was sad or anyone in the family was, you could see it in your eyes.
I loved how you loved Mom so much and always wanted her to sit next to you.
I loved how you believed in everyone, and sponsored so many
I loved how you would do the dishes and hang the dish towel over your shoulder ( I do this too)
I loved how you did not care about material things, even though you could of bought them all.
I loved your sense of humor
I loved your gift of saying the wrong things at the wrong time, which I inherited….always meaning well
I loved  how you loved Jack in The Box, for senior citizen refills on coffee
I love how you drove a beat up Escort and wore ripped jeans, because you did not care
I love how Mom dressed you nice on special occasions and your plaid Christmas pants.
I love how you fell asleep with your mouth open.( another inherited trait)
I love how you never drank or smoked
I loved how hard you worked and your brilliant mathematician mind
I loved how you were such a great dancer, with Mom
I loved how you would bring home and or help homeless people
I loved volunteering at shelter’s with you, where you would promise everyone a job at Peter’s company
I loved, your love of chocolate (Kaylee’s favorite)
I loved your business mind, and way with the stock market
I loved how you went to church with Mom every Sunday.
I loved how later in life, when you could not speak, you closed your eyes and bopped your head to the music.
I loved how when you could not talk, you could sing, “Happy Birthday.”
I loved how you were proud of everyone but very proud that all your girls had degrees.
I loved how much you loved each and every one of our family members even though at times if was hard for you to express.
I loved when you use to pick my friends and I up late at night, when we were partying in your pajamas.
I loved that I survived driving with you…:)
I love how you trusted the world and thought all people were good, equal and honest.  You passed this on to many of us.
I love how you did things your way, and never conformed to the world.
I loved so many things about you that this passage could extend to, too many pages…….But all good things must come to an end……xo

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