Paying it forward

by Amy Cubbison on June 17th, 2018

A nice little story of paying it forward…….By circumstances beyond my recall, i ended up with two extra J. Lo tickets. When we were ubering to the concert we had the sweetest, African woman. I asked her if she wanted two free tickets to Jennifer Lopez she replied,” Are you kidding me? :” I said “No.” “Take them they are free.” She screamed and said she was clocking off work and had a friend that would be so excited. ………The next day I received a text from her thanking me for the BEST day of her life. She said they put her right up front and she could see J. Lo perfectly………………I try and do things like this an not brag but this was so special and such a case of why we should pay it forward. That to me meant more than buying anything………..I felt like #theEllenshow #ellendegenerous #Ellen show for a day!!!

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