Heartbreak Hotel

by Amy Cubbison on September 20th, 2018

As you probably know I was suffering from a broken heart after the breakup of a four year relationship. I jumped in to dating someone pretty quickly. I knew i was not ready but I thought that this guy was to good to pass up. Turns out all of the things I thought he was, he was not. It was another lesson on how long it takes to get to know someone. It was about three months in and I am glad i did not spend more time in something with someone who had red flags from the beginning. He is going through a really bad divorce and she is fighting for money and custoday so maybe he is much more positive but this is tough time in his life. My friend told me a big red flag is when someone HATES their ex, trusts nobody, and or does not speak to any family members.I was trying to help this person to trust again but that was not my job, it was his and hopefully in his life he will learn to trust because without trust, no relationship can survive………..I need to have a few good months of casual dating until i figure somethings out……….#heartbroken #love #loveisallaround #amycubbison#diaryofasinglemom #diaryofahousewife #healbeforelovingagain

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