I am back and this time for good

by Amy Cubbison on September 2nd, 2018

As you know i am in graduate school majoring in psychology. A requirement for me is to be in therapy during as it is for all grad students. I am not afraid to admit that I have done a lot of therapy in my life. Thank God because it has helped me learn and grow so much. This past week I brought up a lot of sad stuff in my childhood. I do not like it when people ignore me and it brings up my abandonment issues. It as rough to relive the past but it showed me that i still hold these feelings inside myself. The best part is that I see how FAR i have come. I no longer will be used, or a dumping ground for others stuff. I always thought to myself-why do people say hurtful things to me often?” It was because I was soft and I let them. Not anymore.!!! I will stand up for myself, protect myself, and my children…..Always look at my behavior and intention and take ownership when I have done or said something that was not right. When i started standing up for myself and having boundaries some did not like it which creates some drama but i guess i have to get through that for others to see that i mean business…..🙂

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