Lost family Members………….lost in dying not lost in lost.

by Amy Cubbison on September 20th, 2018

Last night i had dinner with my friend’s mother and cousin. They lost three men in their life this past year-a child, a husband and a grandson. They say that good times happen after sad times in the sense that it helps me to not sweat the small stuff and not to worry about the bull shit. In my opinion people spend way to much time being irritated at something minor or taking something personally. I can recognize that i still do that but far less than I use to . Human being are flawed……We could pick apart anyone. All i know is sitting with this beautiful woman who was crying missing her husband while listening to beautiful songs by Frank Sinatra et. and I felt so much for her. I want to wrap her in my loving arms and make the pain go away. On the flip side i said to her-you still have time to continue a happy life and aren’t you so lucky to have had that love story that so many of us never get to have……………


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