by Amy Cubbison on November 30th, 2018

Weekly update……..A lot of studying and reading I have been doing. I am going to try and get another A in this class. Although there is a lot of info for my ADD mind to register. Feeling better. My eye infection came back so i got to miss school last night and stay home on a rainy night. 🙂 I was googling my eye infection and my rash on my chest. I Went from having pink eye, to lyme disease, then sure I had Scarlett Fever. That damn google…………..My son has inherited my hypochondria. He asks me about something wrong with him every other day even when he goes to the Dr. and they say he is fine………..Listening to love songs from Star is Born last night. Will asked me if I was listening to funeral music. 🙂 Going dancing tonight with Ray. He loves to dance and he is a cute dancer…of course the happy hour dancing. ha ha. If it does not rain. If i lived in Seattle, i would never go out of the house. I even trained my kids by letting them stay home from school on rainy days. When it rains they all say they love to stay home and be cozy……………….Feeling like i want my extended family to be closer in proximity and intimacy. I got over my latest upset and now my heart is clear and pure once again………..Oxegon to my veins.

From my-life

  1. I am very sorry that I hurt you and your family so much. It was never my intention at all. It happened unexpectedly and it caused me and my family a lot of pain as well. My life was not ruined but it was damaged and I had to do a lot of healing and go through pain to forgive myself. I hope that you family is not permanently damaged. Challenges can often bring family together. Most people make mistakes and hopefully learn and grow from them. I understand you want to blame everything on me but I was a symptom. I try and make good decisions and live an authentic life obviously i have failed at times. it is important for to remember everyone that is effected by our actions. This is why i am reaching out and apologizing to you. I do not think I ever did…….for what it is worth. I am sincerely very sorry for my actions. I hope you too can forgive me some day or at least let go of the anger. I always remember you having a lot going for you. Hope you have a happy life.

  2. If you gone delete the comments

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