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by Amy Cubbison on December 14th, 2018

An interesting story that started out bad but ended up good. A few months back I went to the Shell on El Camino Real. I had the most terrible experience with one of the millennial employees. He was so awfuller to me that I have ptsd thinking about it. I contacted the owner of the gas station and he said he had problems with him before but he would make it up to me and he did. Yesterday I reluctantly went in to that gas station and my atm card was no working . The strip was demagnetized. I kept trying and trying as I wanted water and snacks for school. Before I knew what was happening, was the employee young, tall and thin, put his card in and payed for my items (8,59) I was not sure what was happening until the other female employee said ,”That is just him, hes nice and does not when some people’s cards dont work.” I was so impressed that I contacted the owner again but for a positive incident. He told me he was so happy to hear that and would do something nice for him this Christmas……………#kindness i#amyCubbison #payitforward

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  1. Thank you Barbara,

    I appreciate your letter. I am sure you are loving and kind to notice those qualities in me, you have them inside of you. I have three teenagers that I adore but they drive me nuts sometimes……………always asking for things and never helping around the house. They will be gone soon enough though and have to learn the hard way. I wish you a blessed new year and a happy life. xoxox Amy

  2. Barbara Dix permalink

    Dearest Amy,
    I was rewatching my Nanny911 episodes. I just need to tell you how proud of you I am. I also have three kids. I am much older, just turned 60. But, I remember how I loved the family bed, cuddles and am having a tough time as an empty nester. My husband really hated the kids coming in and not wanting to leave. He was my Nanny Stella!!! Anyway, I know it was a long time ago and hope you are enjoying the current stages of young adulthood that your kids are in and I wish you the best in life. You will be an amazing grandma. Your nurturing and very loving nature is awesome. Thank you for being brave and showing your love and support for your beautiful and sensitive children. All the best, Barbara (Nanny911 fan)

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