I will get better, I promise

by Amy Cubbison on January 10th, 2019

I am doing well. I have a little sentiment in my heart that feels like I could weep. I know where it is coming from. I had a very intense dream about my father. I keep dreaming of being a kid and living with my mom and dad and feeling super loved and safe…….plus unlimited income. 🙂 ha ha. In my dream i offered my father a tootsie roll pop. He was thankful. It touched my soul. I hope that in heaven he has a lot of tootsie rolls and hot dogs…….two of his favorites……..and chicken soup. I feel the tinge in my heart. When I meditate now, i try to feel things in my body and i usually can locate them. My friend Tina was telling me about this insane video on hypnosis. I want to try it out. She said it was very healing. You go back to your first sad or upsetting memory and correct it. Sort of like EMDR…………anyways enjoying my Human Sexuality class. I was nervous about it but now I am not. It is definitely interesting and triggering some thoughts. Will went to the Grand Canyon with his gf……..He said it was one of the most extraordinary experiences he ever had. He was so excited. It made me want to go. Going away is nice but the older I get the more I like to return to my home filled with people and love. I cant wait for the day I can remodel my kitchen and or have the kitchen of my dreams…………….My room is a mess and I have zero energy to clean it. I am going to give myself a hall pass as I do often, rest, study and then hit Sculpt before class…..xo

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