by Amy Cubbison on March 28th, 2019

Taking my little girl Kaylee to the Doctors to get allergy tested today. Yes fourteen is still a little girl, and I am confused by anyone who doubts that. Then taking Will to the doctor because he has a heart arrhythmia. Prayers that it is minor. Will gives me a lot of training to be a therapist because he shares with me every last thought and fear. 🙂 I have end of class anxiety this week. Doing well but fearful that I may not do well on the final. I have loved this class addiction. However we are learning about what childhood experiences can cause or lend to addiction. It makes me worried about my car accident and some of my less than par behavior ten years back. I do not want to have any permanent damage on my children from my actions. I talk to them about this but the regret guilt is insane. Hopefully I have made up for it. The other day Kaylee and I went to do errands. She looked at me and said Mom you are a Term I did not know but basically she said it means you are a rock star plus. She then followed it up with you, “you do so many things and you do them all well.’ I love you so much. I wish I remembered the word that she said but she will not tell me again for fear I will post it on facebook. 🙂 🙂 It made my day. As we all know being a mother is a thankless job at times especially with teenagers and it is so nice to be complimented and validated………………….I have been feeling like I want some affection, and compliments lately. I know what that means, i need to give them to myself but it is always nice to get them from the outside.

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