A Spring Tuesday

by Amy Cubbison on April 24th, 2019

Hmm…..What should I write about? My lack of sleep for the past few nights? My mind can;t shut off school. I have not been like this since I was in college, many moons ago. Kids are good. I only have four classes to go so exciting. Starting my internship at hospice Monday. Excited to do it. I am watching and reading a lot of examples on how to help those in mourning. I still mourn my father daily. I dont know why but i have never felt the love that I felt my father had for me from anyone else. Other than my kids of course…………It hurts in my heart. Hopefully one day that will all mend. We have been role playing in school. I am really liking it. I especially enjoy being the therapist. My Professor told me last night that I am a natural and she was very proud of me. It feels so good to help others I just got off the phone with Minor. My nanny 101. She loves when i call her. We were just laughing about when i use to miss the bus everyday as a child. I would then hide in the bushes until my father went to work. Then I would pop out so he had to take me to school. He would drive off furious and then back up and get me everyday Being in his warm car ,drinking coffee with a lot of sugar was so much nicer than the cold ugly bus with our mean bus driver Mrs. Langhorn or something like that. Kaylee’s bday is coming up and OMG. She has so many events planned and planned to every little detail. I am getting it back four fold. I just asked her if she wants me to invite the queen of England to her festivities. She loves to decorate and entertain. She just handed me some papers to take to the doctor for her and she asked me to not get any makeup on them?? Ha ha. Almost finished this last class. Have some weekends to look forward to. Going to emdr training in May. Excited for that. I cant wait to make a paycheck !!!!!

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