by Amy Cubbison on April 3rd, 2019

Just back from Catalina………What an amazing vacation. I felt like I was in the south of France but the greatest thing was it was only a ferry ride away. I took my final and i did not do well or that is what I think so I was not as relaxed as I would of liked to be. I managed my feelings of worry and enjoyed our mini vacation. Last time i was there, I was eight months pregnant with Will. I do not remember much about it because I was miserable. Raymond and I rode bikes all over the island, went to the beach, Went out to lunch, took a golf cart up the mountain. Our hotel was beautiful and the name of it was Portofino. How appropriate is that? The only thing that lessened things was my continuation of troubling dreams. I am sure school has something to do with them, Hormones, as well as my new career path. They are really disturbing though. I waked up and am grateful they are not true. Many of them include my mother and Father. The other night I had a dream where my Father was dead and I hugged and kissed him and he came back to life. Then i miss him so much more all day long. I feel cheated he is gone. I am envious of friends that. The other part of my dream is that my mother was driving me and all of the sudden her hand and stomach hurt and I took over driving and I was massaging her stomach and her hand intensely. I was crying and wanted her to feel better so badly. Today I need to start training for hospice and filling out paper work. Then I am going to enjoy the rest of the days before my next class.


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