Like Mother Like Daughter

by Amy Cubbison on May 14th, 2019

When i was a little girl and even in to adult hood my birthday expectations were insatiable.  I could not ever be fulfilled because I wanted the earth and moon to shine and Jesus to come down from heaven.  I am not proud of this and most birthdays in ended up in tears. Kaylee is not as bad as I was but she does celebrate for a month and if the actual day is not perfect she is upset. I saw this in her disappointing face last night. It was late and her real birthday and everyone was tired and burnt out.  She felt unimportant. I felt compassion for her as my birthday is the last of my mothers and brothers, all in a two week span. Often times everyone is over bdays when mine comes.  I do realize this is a learning moment for me to help Kaylee but I also get it.

I had a great mother’s day and probably because my expectations were small.  Kaylee made me a beautiful card (so sweet, listing all of the things she loves about me) and made breakfast for me. Brought it up to my bed with flowers and all of the things I like.   Then she and Neil gave me a massage gift certificate.  Later that day, Jac gave me a sweet card that said I am the most understanding Mom in the world. Hmm. Not sure about that. Does that mean i never yell??  At night Will gave me a Benjamen Franklin my little roller, and they all cooked filet for me and went around the table saying why they loved me………………..OMG> was so happy and honored. #amycubbison #lovingfamily   #lovemykids

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