My personal inventory

by Amy Cubbison on June 14th, 2019

My personal inventory

I am addicted to bargain shopping
I am funny
i am klutzy
I talk to fast
One of my favorite movies is Educating Rita
I feel like I love Lucy
I connect with the under dog
I get lost often
I have a weird great memory for details about people’s lives, what they said and faces
I believe I am attractive
I have a vivid imagination
I am writing a book about my life
i hate know one
I forgive easily
i exaggerate a lot
My voice sounds like a little girl
I get out of tickets most of the time
I am a salt addict
I feel sexy
I like my body for the most part
My favorite part of me are my eyes
I am a bad driver
I am naturally messy
I am not organized but I am trying
I love hard
I feel deeply
I am an empath
I get envious and jealous at times
I keep friends forever
I keep in touch with people who mean a lot to me
I believe family should stick together
I wish we cherished the edlerly in our culture
I am afraid of getting old
I love to paint
I love to cook
I over use salt
My favorite dinner is a Ruth Chris New York, spinach, mushrooms and a wedget salad
I like attention if it is good
I swear when i use technology
I effect technology
My aura is purple and close to God ( I have been told)
I always think a big happy surprise is coming
I am very smart in dealing with people
I found a career where my nosiness and emotional self are required
I grew up wealthy
I use to not take care of material things
I have ADD
I sometimes get anxious and or depressed
I miss my Dad daily
I am afraid of a lot of things
I hate to fly
I want my children to live near me and I look forward to taking care of their children
I was married over twenty years, we are like siblings and always will be family
I love to dance
I am super gullible
I startle easy and scream
I hate being honked at
I get honked out often
I was born in suburbs Philadelphia
I use to wear all monogram, preppy clothes
My family was on the reality show nanny 911
I have me many stars
I have met Nancy Polosi and President Obama
I love to dress up
i love to eat out
I love to lunch out
I love fancy restaurants
I love vintage furniture and clothes
I am dramatic
i like some gossip but dont want to hurt anyone
I am a romantic
I love to binge watch netflix
I love going to the theater
I did terrible in high school
I almost have my Masters
I am going to be an MFT
I visualize myself doing Talks and presentations about my field
I love babies and old people
I have huge intuition
I love being a mother more than anything
i feel that I can heal with my touch sometimes sending love and good vibes
I stand up for myself finally
I have no more users or abusers in my life
I am a picker
I love to ride bikes on flat grounds
My favorite country is Italy
I have been to England 13 times
I am the youngest of five and my siblings are all older nine years plus
I miss my family on the east coast
My sister Lisa is the closest to me
I adore my niece Katie we are like sisters
I use to think nobody would ever marry me
I felt unlovable as a teen
I used to do gymnastics
I have been in love three times
I have some regrets
I am still gorwing up
I am a late bloomer
I love Ellen Degenerous show and person
I love Oprah and met her
I often do or say the wrong thing
I never want to hurt anyone
I wish the world was a kinder place
I hate what money does to SOME people
I hate frauds and dislike non authentic people
I can be outgoing or shy depending on who is around
I suffer from weekly night mares
I just want to be loved and accepted like everyone else
I love to exercise
I love to sleep
I love good wine and martinis
I have exercised for over forty years
I once climbed in bed with a man and his wife naked by accident at Club Med
I am always looking for someone to say i am doing
a good job
I know that now!!
I tell myself that.!!!

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