A great day!!

by Amy Cubbison on July 2nd, 2019

Today was a perfect day. I have been missing my father something fierce lately. I sort of feel like like i lost my parents. My mother is very happy and Victor takes good care of her but they are a pair. I dont really have a one on one relationship with my mother and have not for a long time. I am just accepting that but mourning the loss of when I was younger. I am glad she is happy. Our trip to the desert was so wonderful. The kids played so well. We bonded in this beautiful home. Swam, played games, danced, laughed and cried. I was the cook in the kitchen where i feel comfortable, Kaylee told me she loved me so many times. We held hands in bed/ When i returned Jac and WIll missed me and gave us the biggest hug. Jac is missing his girlfriend so and it is adorable. He told us that he has to ge use to being alone again as he used to be good at it. I am so grateful my kids have confidence and can love easily and well. . I have one more week till back in school. I am taking law and ethics. I miss school but i am relishing in my free time and spending time with my kids. I am so happy that at this stage in my life my priorities are in line and I appreciate the little things. A little Gucci now and then does not hurt but it does not have the same meaning it once did with me.
I took the kids to see ,”Yesterday.” Today. It was fabulous. I cried tears of joy to the beautiful love story and the awesome music. It made me miss my brothers and sisters and family back east as we all love the Beatles. Then I called about getting a hair cut much needed and the woman whom I connected with a important person in la who is going to help her with my business said my hair cut is free. She has great products and she deserves to shoot for the moon. I am so happy to have any small part to help others succeed. Just like my father. . That makes me happy. Just took Chloe for a walk on this gorgeous day. I am so happy that today I can put any worries imagined or real on the back burner.

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