by Amy Cubbison on February 5th, 2020

I am going to be blogging on my facebook account  I also have a new emdr business Instagram account called. EMDRontheGoWithAmy.    I have a website that is currently under construction.   You can also find it at I will be a traveling emdr counselor and eventually have a marriage and family business where i can come to you or you to me. My goals are to help people deal with any trauma trapped in their body, rewrite their negative scripts and live a happier, fulfilled life. I believe in meditating, mindfulness, journaling, spirituality, goal writing, manifestation, Gratitude journal, Exercise and connection with others.  I utilize Motivational Interviewing, positive psychology, Cognitive therapy. I believe in the whole person (health, faith, love, thoughts, relationships, community, and connection) and helping that couple of person improving their life through work, and learning better skills in their communication, self acceptance and connections.

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